Aroma massage

Aroma massage

No aroma oil treatment is ever the same. Which of these is your favourite?

Having an aromatherapy massage is one of the most soothing and relaxing treatments that you can have! Whether you wish to calm down after a hard day, cure minor ailments; renew your energy; reduce stress; or simply experience the pleasures of a scented massage; the effects of the essential oils together with human contact give a powerful form of therapy. Through the massage, your skin will absorb the oils and a small, but useful amount is taken into the bloodstream during the massage.

It is very important to remember that an aroma therapist treats the entire person, mind, body and spirit, not just the symptoms.

Benefits of an aromatherapy massage:

  1. Improved blood circulation;
  2. Increase of lymphatic flow (helping to detoxify the body);
  3. Relaxation of muscles (less pain);
  4. Stimulation of the nervous system;
  5. Improved digestion;
  6. Stimulation of the skin;
  7. Feeling of well-being;
  8. Relaxation of body and brain.

Description 60 MIN90 MIN
Aromatherapy Oil Massage € 85,- € 120,-

Which oils are available?

Relaxing oil

A soothing massage oil to promote relaxation, lighten the mood. It is good as counterbalance against anxiety, depression and stress. That is due to a special formula of essential oils together with geranium oil. This oil does wonders on the mind, body and spirit. On top, it alleviates neuralgia. It has a wonderful, feminine, floral aroma.

Refreshing oil

The refresh massage oil is a powerful fusion of pure essential oils and rich carrier oils designed to revitalise the body and elevate the senses. Refresh massage oil is particularly good for anyone feeling sluggish or lacking in energy (e.g. in winter). The blend contains orange oil, lime oil and mint oil to lift the mood.

Rebalancing oil

This massage oil contains a blend of essential oils with balancing and reviving properties. Its inspiring and stabilising effects help restore the balance between the mind and body. Especially lavender oil and ylang-ylang essential oil are powerful massage oils which help relaxing and to get to a calm and clear state of mind.

Energising oil

Energising massage oil blend is an invigorating combination of pure oils that penetrate the skin and refresh senses. The blend provides a wonderful massage glide, using the highest grade oils available with grape seed oil and vitamin E. Add to all that sweet almond (rich in cell-building protein) and jojoba (moisturising the skin).

Detoxifying oil

The body eliminates waste every day through the skin. Essential oils can be potent plant helpers in this detoxification process, think of juniper oil, lime oil and frankincense oil. Our blend of oils has been composed to help promote a healthy blood circulation in the body.

Lavender oil

Lavender essential oil is versatile. Lavender oil is famed for its ability to treat emotional or physical aches and pains. Lavender oil can relieve headaches and nausea and promote easier breathing. It boosts circulation, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens muscles.

Herbal oil

Formulated to balance specific skin, this oil consisting of a combination of herbs not only lubricates but also purifies the skin. They have a balancing effect on the mind and body; they promote the appearance of smooth, youthful skin; and they support vitality and a healthy circulation.

Coconut oil

Soothing, cooling, and easily absorbed, coconut oil is an excellent massage oil for any time you feel the need to cool down and hydrate your body. Just a dollop can provide deep moisture. The coconut oil is expeller pressed and never chemically processed: this nutritious oil will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Homemade coconut oil This oil adds a sweet tropical note to massage oils. This homemade variety of coconut oil is the richest natural source of lauric acid, and