Four Elements Massage

Four Elements Massage

A treatment where earth, wind, fire and light meet. Pure satisfaction!

According to a Thai medical theory, “ the human body consists of four elements: earth, water, wind and fire.” These elements relate to our body, health and well-being and all influence on our minds.

Elements are seen as flowing from one into the other, creating cycles of balance and imbalance, of nourishment and control. The senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste – arise from it and can be defined by the qualities of the elements.

With the ‘Body Intake’ you get the attention and treatment you need. All massages include the best equipment and pure aromatherapy oils.


For whom? For everyone, but ideal for people born in October, November or December.

What is it? Earth Massage is a Thai massage, helping to relax muscles. The massage reduces muscle contraction, increases blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. It also optimises the nervous and breathing systems.
Which aroma oils are used? Aroma rebalancing oils (to help find balance in your body). Others are sandalwood, jasmine and rosemary.

Good to know: The element ‘Earth’ represents the body as a whole, in the muscles and flesh. Its energy is seen as nourishing, embracing and fertile. It is associated with patience and compassion.


For whom? For everyone, but ideal for people born in July, August or September.

What is it? Water massage is an aroma massage with essential oils, followed by a treatment with herbal steam or compress. The steam will penetrate into the skin, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and enhance breathing.

Which aroma oils are used? Sweet autumn oil (to help stimulate your appetite). Others are relaxing oil, energising oil, tropical oil, lavender, lemongrass, orange and geranium.

Good to know: The element ‘Water’ relates to blood and other fluids of the body. It is associated with emotions, most often sadness or fear. Water is also connected to creativity.


For whom? For everyone, but ideal for people born in April, May or June.

What is it? An essential oil massage which helps the blood circulation, as well as relax the body. The massage will improve the flexibility of joints and bones as well as stimulate and balance hormones.

Which aroma oils are used? Romantic oils to help to adjust the hormones. Others are ylang-ylang, Indian cork, royal lotus, rose, white tea, apple.

Good to know: The element ‘Air’ usually corresponds to breath, whether it is the air we breathe in, or the action of breathing. Air is also associated with the intellect, imagination and with taking in new ideas.


For whom? For everyone, but ideal for people born in January, February or March.

What is it? An optimal massage for balancing the body for the fire element is reflexology or a foot massage. It will stimulate and effect to the endocrine system. It will help to relax and balance both physically and mentality.

Which aroma oils are used? Refreshing oils to help balance the emotions. Others are peppermint, eucalyptus, spearmint, rosemary, ocean, spring, tea tree.

Good to know: The element ‘Fire’ provides the spark of life, as well as inspiration and spontaneity. Laughter, passion, impatience and impulsivity are all attributes related to the element of fire.

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Four Elements Aroma Massage € 85,- € 120,-