Services and Prices

Services and Prices

Spa Rose stands for top quality therapeutic massage. All massages include the best equipment and, depending on the treatment, pure aromatherapy oils.

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Corona Policy & Protocol from Nov 9, 2020:

Since March 2020, we in the Netherlands are dealing with the highly contagious COVID-19 (the new corona virus). For your and our safety, we have introduced a number of protective measures for our massage practice. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM, as they have been developed for physiotherapists and other paramedics. We assume that this will ensure that we deal with your and our health in a careful and responsible manner.

Appointment, reception and pre-interview

If your nasal cold, flu-like, coughy or stuffy, or have a fever (from 38 °C), we are not allowed to massage you and ask you to move an appointment that has already been made. Preferably 1 day before the appointment made, but if necessary 1 hour in advance. This also applies if your roommates or family members have these symptoms.

Even if you have been infected with COVID-19 in the past 14 days or have been in contact with someone who may have been infected, we would like to know this to make another appointment.

We welcome you with a smile instead of a handshake and keep 1.5m distance. Upon entering, we ask you to disinfect your hands with disinfectants that are ready for this and to hang your coat yourself. Also in the seating area we keep a distance of 1.5m.

Before, during and after each massage we disinfect our hands. After each massage, we disinfect the massage table and work as standard with disposable head rests. The massage towels go into the washing machine after each massage.

All types of massages remain possible.

Other hygiene
We do fewer massages per day to avoid many contacts and ventilate the massage room in between. All rooms are connected to a ventilation system. 

Every day the floor is mopped in the practice room. All doorknobs and other places where hands have been attached are taken with a disinfectant cloth after each visit. The toilet is taken with a disinfectant wipe after each visit.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently about how we pay attention to your and our health.

Spa Rose – treats you well !